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Dates for your Diary!

With the lockdown measures starting to be eased, and life beginning to return to something akin to what it was twelve months ago, the whole country has tentatively let out a cautious sigh of release. And about time! So, as businesses the length and breadth of the country resume their "normal" activities, I too can get on with what I had planned before the lockdown, and try to develop my practice and my newly created business.

The most pressing and exciting item on my agenda is There Go the Millers! A mixed media project about family life and all things domestic, exploring the day to day challenges associated with family life, relationships and how we navigate from the past and into the present. Installed into Carnival House on May 18th 2021, and in collaboration with The Creative Seed , this project brings together still images, video and printed media in an empathetic work designed to engage a diverse audience of all ages and challenge the stereotype of the perfect family.

Although still a work in progress but developing quickly, you can see some of the development material on the Instagram page here. And before I forget, you can see the work in-situ on the 18th May 2021 through to the 20th May 2021. There is an open evening on the 19th May from 6 pm to 9.30 pm where you could even get a cheeky little vino.

I'll hopefully see you there!

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