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Go have a look!

I'm finding out quickly that for visitors to come to my website they need a good reason. And having some photographs of my work, be it photography, paintings or sculpture, is not enough to draw them in because my work, for all intents and purposes my work is unknown.

This, however, is starting to change as I have some work in a gallery! As part of a month long exhibition held in Frederick Street Gallery, Sunderland, I have four paintings exhibited, alongside the work of lots of other local artists which can be seen, so to speak, in the flesh. And as with all of the other work on show, there is the opportunity to fall in love and take it away with you. In my case there are also framed prints to buy as well.

Seeing my work in real life, and in a gallery context, will hopefully give people to get a better idea of what my work is really about and how it looks close up and allow them to visualize it in their own home. And being able to see it first-hand is a different experience to looking at a website. So, if for no other reason than to get out and about and maybe be inspired to make some art yourself, go along to the gallery and have a butchers.

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