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It's All Around Us!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

You might not think it, but all around us are things that we could consider to be artworks. Things which at first might not be considered so. But have a think about it - when you use your soup spoon or walk over a bridge, you are employing those items to perform their function and complete a task and quite often they have the added benefit of giving a pleasurable experience. Not only do they perform well, but more often than not they are aesthetically pleasing in their form. And this is hardly by accident. A great deal of thought has taken place, design and redesign has been carried out and the final product has gone from utilitarian to what we could consider to be an artwork and a form of expression form the people given the task of creation. Look around you and see the details in the every day which are beyond function.

#art #photography #sunderland #abstract #localartist

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