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Not sure I mentioned that.....

....I made a book! And as far as vanity projects go, I'm quite happy with it.

It's a funny thing producing paintings and photographs and the odd sculpture here and there because although I love the process and get a lot from it, ultimately, I want to share some of them with a wider audience.

I find it quite liberating being an artist, because there are pretty much no rules I have to conform to outside of being a morally responsible and respectful person. I can basically do whatever I choose, and it is that freedom to produce what I like, how I like and when I like that has prompted me to create this short book.

But let’s be clear - these thirty two pages are not ground breaking and they won't get me on any best seller lists and they certainly won't be a target for any libraries wanting to add it to their collection. But it is a vehicle for me to express myself and share some of what I am learning. It is also a really great exercise to go through to prepare myself for when I have something a little more substantial to say and it's a place where I can see some of the work I put so much if myself into, in a physical object which can be touched and held.

It doesn't matter if I only ever produce a few copies and give them away because it isn't about money. It's about freedom and the liberating freedom to create anything I want to. And you can do the same.

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