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Pure Abstract Expression Brought To Life!

Friday 23rd October saw me attend the pop-up gallery at Carnival House, Southwick in Sunderland and what a fantastic event. It featured a whole host of local artists from puppet makers to photographers and the quality of works on show was high.

In preparation for the event I have to say that I did neglect my studies a little, but in all honesty it was well worth it as it gave me the push I needed to bring together many elements of my current practice.

The picture above shows one of the artworks I had displayed and offered for sale and it really brought it to the fore how great they look when mounted and framed. It was an incredibly rewarding experience! The abstract artworks I have been producing over the last few years are an extension of myself and to see them displayed and purchased has meant a huge amount to me personally.

Over the coming weeks, many more of these artworks of pure expression will be made available for you to own and the opportunity to experience them over many years, I feel is a very special one indeed so watch this space!

#art #abstract #abstractart #photography #painting #localartist #sunderland

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