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The Freedom of the Unknown

There have been many questions posed along my artistic journey and there have been many discussions about these questions. What is art? What is an artist? When do I consider myself an artist and when will others consider me an artist? And for the most part these questions are so complex that there really is no definitive answer, and I would be a busy fool spending too much time looking to answer them.

The main questions I have been asking myself of late are centred around not what I produce but rather why I produce. And the answers to these questions, although still complex in their own right are simply because I want to, and my life is better as a result. I can take my life experiences and my thoughts and try to express them in a way which goes beyond words and in a way which is unique, personally rewarding and in a language of my own.

The fact that I am, for all intents and purposes an unknown artist, means I have the freedom to consider and produce exactly what I want to produce. No constraints, no pressures and no boxes to tick other than the ones I produce myself. It means that everything I produce is authentic and genuine and is produced on my terms. It means that if I consider my artworks to be finished and am ready for them to be seen, it means I love them, and this is my only concern.

I will be completely honest at this point and say that I do want a wider audience to see my work and I do want to make connections with likeminded individuals, and I do want the journey to be longer for my art, but this can only happen if I am happy. And I am!

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