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This week, I have mostly been Procrastinating.

Juggling many things at once has become the norm of late. University work, family commitments and trying to get a small business off the ground are all incredibly rewarding activities and all take up a little bit of my own personal bandwidth. And somewhere in the melee I also have to find time to look after my own mental health and keep myself safely above water.

Understanding this and having worked on it over the last couple of years I have come to realise that there needs to be a balance and there needs to be an effective equilibrium. There needs to be some clarity on where I need to spend my time in order that I can continue to operate as a normal functioning human and achieve the things I feel I need achieve. I have learned that sometimes, doing what appears to be nothing, is actually a really valuable process, and it is exactly what I need.

Taking some time out to assess where I am is probably my most valuable activity. Thinking. Taking stock. Decompressing. Resetting. All with a view to getting started again with fresh enthusiasm after coming up against a blockage and with the intention of getting things done in a state of positivity and enjoyment.

The process of learning is the important thing for me. Learning how to do something or learning about myself and others is much of the reason why I do what I do. Without this journey of discovery, life would be nowhere as fulfilling as it is today. But I don't want it handed to me on a silver platter, I want to craft and I want to hone and most of all I want to look at something I have created and I want to be proud. And pride takes time. It takes effort, it is often a struggle and the destination can be unclear. But the flip side to this won't help you grow and won't give you the sense of achievement you need in life.

Challenge yourself. It's important and its worth it.

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